Cement tiles – Bidadari villas ubud bali

Cement tiles motif construction example / Bidadari villas ubud bali

This is an accommodation facility with villas scattered next to the valley.
This is about 10 minutes drive from Ubud, Bali.
“bidadari” means an angel. It is in the deep nature where fairies are likely to fly.

There are many hotels and villas in the tourist destinations of Bali, but this is a villa with a particularly artistic interior.

The Balinese interior designer carefully considers the colors. It’s a unique color scheme in Bali.

Cement tiles are very convenient because you can freely arrange the colors and designs.

See pictures of lovely villas and cement tiles.

Cement tile specifications : motif and plain tiles 20cm×20cm×1.5cm

Bidadari villas ubud bali

Jl. Raya Kelabang-Moding, Kelabang-Moding

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