Art Lagoon Tiles

Premium cement tiles Bali

Bali Style Comfort in a beautiful space for you

Interior for Hotels, Villas, Malls, public facility, etc. and in a special place

Our number one feature is that you can customize the tiles.

Cement tiles have been made in Indonesia for over 90 years

Currently, many cement tiles are used in Indonesia as well.
we are pursuing quality. it’s often used in luxury hotels and villas.

However, there is a handmade quality to it.
Therefore, there may be variations in the surface.
If you like heart-warm handmade tiles, and you looking for customizable tiles we will be happy for help you.
Thanks for your future support as well.

We will suggest your favorite color, design and size.

We offer your choice of color, design, and size to suit your special project.
Please tell us your requirements.
Let’s create your own special project space together.